To say we have been having the time our lives  is an absolute understatement. Every day is an adventure and it is great to wake up not always knowing where we may be at the end of the day. It adds a certain kind of excited anticipation to each day.

We are regularly asked .. “What has been the hilight of your trip?” or… Which country have you liked the most?  Our usual reply is simply that every country is unique in its own way and different to the next. It is the people that we meet along the way that make this journey so very memorable and special for us. We have been truly blessed by the wonderful people we have met. Their warmth and generosity of spirit in sharing not only their homes, their advice, friendship… and so much more, has made us the richer for having met them.

The last couple of months have gone by so quickly, and these two maps shows where we have been since travelling in Turkey.

We are now in London and fly out of Heathrow for home in just under 2 hours. Whilst we are excited to be seeing our family and friends again, we will miss being over the other side of the world, because we have had such an awesome time.

The bike was all scrubbed n dubbed  prior to leaving it at Imorex (the shipping depot) last week. It, along with all our gear has already been loaded into the container for the voyage home, which will take around 6 weeks. Australian customs are pretty strict about the bikes being clean ……and rightly so. Every bike in the container has to be absolutely clean. It takes only one dirty bike for the whole container to be quarantined and everything cleaned, so we sure as heck don’t want our bike to be ‘the one’.

Overall the bike now has 102,885km on the clock, having  racked up 71,400km on this trip…. Just call us ‘old iron buts’! We plan to calculate the distances travelled in flights, ferries etc when we get home too.. Should add up to quite a bit!

The 650 Suzuki Vstrom certainly is an honest and reliable bike and is now enjoying a well earned rest and sea voyage back home.

Some quick stats for the bike..

5 sets of tyres

2 sets of chains and sprockets

1 set of front brake pads

2 sets of rear brake pads

8 oil changes

9 bike washes

Averaged around 4.5litres per 100km for the trip.

John will do a more detailed blog on the bike when back home which will be very interesting. We shall also be doing blogs on the countries we have missed thus far, soooo As the saying goes… ‘Watch this space’.

For now, we leave you with some random pics of our wonderful adventure….