This map shows you a rough idea of where we have been since leaving home, and where we will potentially be going up until we get to Ireland.   Have changed the  ferry crossing locations a couple of times, but other than that.. you get the general idea!

We have travelled more than 5000km since picking the bike up on 8th April in Athens, and have had lots of ferry rides and travelled some mighty good roads.  Petrol ranges from 1.52 euro to 1.88 euro per litre; interestingly the price on the autostradas in Italy can be 20c higher than on the other roads .. captive audience I guess.

Crikey this first month has gone by quickly!

Soooo  .. here we gooooooooo..

IMG_026624th March – left Melbourne

25th March – arrived in Athens (we flew with time)

 8th April – picked up the bike and  caught ferry to Chania in Crete

14th April – ferry from Crete back to Greece and then Greece to Italy

17th April – ferry to Sicily

20th April – ferry from Sicily to Italy

28th April – ferry from Italy to Sardenia

2nd May – ferry from Sardenia to Corsica

From here on, these will be our plans roughly.

6th May – ferry from Corsica to France (Nice)

24th May – ferry from  france to the UK

26th May – ferry from UK to the Isle of Man (IOM)

13th June –  ferry from IOM to Ireland, where we will stay for three weeks.

After that is yet to be decided..

Lunch on the Amalfi coast. very healthy kiwi fruit (eaten) and BIG apple!
Lunch on the Amalfi coast. very healthy kiwi fruit (eaten) and BIG apple!