Hiya from Ireland. Apologies for the lack of blogs, but really….. We have been very busy having the time of our lives. We can blame the lack of Internet only a wee bit…… Other than that……. Well, will leave that up to your imagination!!

So…… we have yet to complete part 2 of France, which will come ‘soon’, but in the meantime, a quick catch up.

We decided not to go to Le Mans, but headed toward Spain instead.

From the south of France (loved it) we headed into the Pyranees mountains. First stop was the small country jammed in the Pyranees between France and Spain, called Andora. We spent a couple of days there….. Just passing through. Wait till you see that blog and the pics.. Just amazing!

From Andora we headed into Spain. Always thought Spain to be hot, but the Pyrenees were so very high, and rather cold, to say the least. From the mountains we headed to Barcelona for two nights (fantastic – loved the nude bathers and mankinis), then we headed further south down the coast, where we spent ‘just the best’ few days in a caravan park by the sea at Tarragona. Span got very sunburnt!!! Does lobster create a pic for you!! From our front door to the beach was a whole twenty metres.. If that!!!

From Barcelona we went inland across the flats (felt a bit like Mexico) then back up into the Pyraneese and back into France. Worked our way up north to Lordes (now that’s another story) stayed a night there, then off to Poitiers, where we stayed a couple of nights, cause we really, really, really needed a new set of tyres. Have done a bit over 10,000km..

Two new tyres fitted and off we set heading to Fougeres, where we were to attend a 50th birthday for another Aussie guy, and to catch up with Maggie, Dave, Ray, Cathy and Mal again.

From Fourges we headed to the D Day beaches in Normandy. We worked our way westward to Cherbourg, where we were to catch the ferry to Poole with Maggie, Dave and Co.

Stayed the night in Poole as we landed late, then off to Wales. Spent a night at THE WORST HOTEL EVER in Tenby, then off to Cannock via the spectacularly beautiful Welsh highlands to catch up with Colleen and the family at Cannock.

Col was not home (we were going to surprise her), so we surprised Julie, Barry and Cavin instead. Spent three nights with them, which was really great.. So good to catch up again.

From Cannock we went to Heysham to catch the ferry to the Isle of Man (IOM).

Spent two amazing weeks on the IOM at Port Saint Mary, and as always the TT and the Manx people did not disappoint! First week was very average weather, the second was spectacular. The racing an electric buzz as a,ways,

Left the IOM on the 13th of June on the 3am ferry.. Ugg!! Arrived in Ireland at around 6am and headed towards Belfast for breaky, then we headed south to a place called Coney Island…. which incidentally is not an island!!! (Only in Ireland!)

Stayed there three nights, then to Belfast for a night. From Belfast we headed up further north to Port Rush.. Amazing views of the golf course at that BnB.

We have been using Air BnB since arriving in Ireland, which has been very good, and a lot cheaper overall.

The last two nights we have been staying at Creeslough, on county Donegal. Last night we had a fabulous night in a pub in the next village, with the fiddlers playing a storm, and the Irish singing was just a great…. Home just before midnight. Have not had Internet the past few days, so we are now ‘enduring’ a night in ‘the singing pub’ so we can use their wifi and get this blog off, while we wait for the singing to start….. Tough gig!

Ok… So now we are up to date…. kind of! Plan to be in Ireland for a few more weeks yet, before we head back to the UK, and then to Poland where we hope to get a two year residency visa……. Soooooooo please all keep your fingers crossed on that one.

Gotta go….. Singing just started”………