It is hard to believe that our winter stay in Warsaw is over, and it is  indeed with bitter sweet feelings that we leave. We have seen and done so much whilst here and have met many new and wonderful people who have welcomed us into their lives, their homes and their hearts. Two Aussies made to feel so very welcome; we are indeed blessed and now consider Warsaw to be our second home, so happy and content were we there!

In and around Warsaw, we each walked some 1198 km from 6th October (when John’s apple watch was activated – it counts distance walked each day), to 14th April when we left. On the biggest days, we could walk up to 16km….. not bad for two silly old buggars!

We have a wonderful admiration of the Polish people who share and remember their history so very well. They do not remember with anger or hatred, but rather with dignity and respect.

Our last few weeks were very busy with a visit from a dear friend from Australia (Hobbsie),  spending time with and getting know Diana and Greg (who we met on the Palm Sunday excursion), goodbye meals, packing our gear, posting ‘stuff’ back home, picking up the bike etc. etc. whilst cramming in a little more sightseeing when we could.

Gotta say it was great to be back on the bike after we picked it up though…… Just like putting on a pair of comfy old slippers!

John, Mirak, Jo, Iza and Jadwiga - Thankyou for looking after our bike so well over winter
Span, Mirek, Jo, Iza and Jadwiga – Thankyou for looking after our bike so well over winter

A very BIG thankyou to Mirek and Jadwiga for garaging the bike for us over winter (it started first turn of the key) and their daughter Iza who was out beautiful interpreter.

So…… we sadly say goodbye (‘do widzenia’) for now to our home for the past 6.5 months, and thankyou very much (dziękuję ci bardzo) for having us  …..  We will be back!

We have set ourselves a challenging final seven months in order to see and experience as much as possible. To date we have ridden around 35,000km, so the final tally will be interesting.

Our first stop will be the Ukraine, then onto Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, then back across Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France) to England and Scotland, then ……. Australia!   Well that’s  rough plan anyway!

So for now, we leave you with a few more memories from time spent in our beloved Warsaw.