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Europe 2011

A little bit of back ground for anyone that doesn’t know us and for those who do it’s nothing new……

It’s not unusual to find us out on a motorbike anytime of the year wether its just for an hour or two or a day or two.  Jo and I have a love of motorcycling and have enjoyed many adventures together over the years, covering many beautiful parts of Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Around 2002 we became a little more adventurous and ventured beyond Australian shores shipping our bike oversea’s,  initially to New Zealand and then Europe. With four oversea’s ventures under our belt, two each to New Zealand and the European continent we’re about to embark on our 3rd European trip. Being a touch longer than previous trips we’ll be starting in Athens late March 2015 and finishing in the UK September 2016 covering 2 European summers and parking the bike up for a very cold winter in Warsaw Poland.

Your probably saying why Poland ? Our very good friends and my old work colleague  Jacek Wawrzynczak and wifey Jadwiga very kindly offered their flat in Warsaw, which became another reason to stay a little longer and experience a European winter. We still have some long term visa issues to work through and hopefully we can, otherwise we’ll be country hopping in and out of the European Schengen Treaty Zone to stay legal !

Having a largish family and being away over this length of time will be very difficult, our children & their partners will be a little older and grandkids will be a lot bigger and cheekier by the time we get home which will be exciting in itself. One good thing about modern communications its  made the world a lot smaller than it was and home sickness shouldn’t hit too quickly but I’m sure it will.

KWRMCCAnother reason for the love of motorcycling has been the Koo-Wee-Rup & District Motorcycle Club, it’s been an important part of the ongoing enjoyment of riding. Being involved in dirt, adventure and road riding, not to mention the socialising side with a great group of club members throughout the clubs 40+ years history.

Isle Of Man Local support for KWRMCC
Isle Of Man
Local support for KWRMCC

Hope this blog sets the seed for others to see more of Australia or the world (wherever that may be) on the back of a bike, there’s no better way !!

Hope you enjoy the blog’s as they come along which Jo & I would share equally if it wasn’t for my crook shoulder and bad hand writing !

Top photo was taken in 2011in the French Alps on one of the Tour de France mountain climb sections, Australian Cadel Evens went onto win the event. The photographer was one of many along the route capturing the many push bike riders “trying” to emulate the tour !


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