• 6th Feb 2015 – Day started early with our good mate Bob Saunders helping get the bike to the shipping agent, having had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks earlier meant not much help could be given on the day and unable to do any riding until we unload the bikes in Athens.

An exciting day for everyone shipping their bikes to Athens,  this is the time you start to realise that it’s all going to happen.  All 17 bikes booked for shipping arrived early morning and were safely loaded into a 40ft container along with all their gear. Dave & Maggie’s shipping company “Get Routed” safely mounted bikes to their shipping cradles and carefully secured them in the container. It will take approx 7 weeks for the container to arrive in Athens if it hasn’t fallen off the back of a ship on the way !!

All gear is shipped along with the bike with the panniers full of Helmets, jackets, bike boots, camping gear, maps/books and bits and pieces. The only exception is our cloths, laptop, Ipad, camera etc which travels with us as “carry on” luggage and makes moving through airport terminals a lot easier and quicker. One issue when checking in at the airport in the past is being questioned on the lack of luggage for an oversea’s trip, nosey buggers !