We are on our way at last…..  left Oz at 11.30pm on Tuesday 24th March, after fond farewells with our kids and grandkids at the airport. Had great seats on the 380 air bus, on the upper deck and at the back – heaps of room and a neat little luggage area / shelf beside the window seat. Was quite a bumpy ride, with lots of turbulence which was great fun. First stop Dubai for 2 hours –  Crikey Dubai airport is BIG! Ended up having to get two shuttle buses to the connecting flight to Qatar, which pretty well took up the whole time there. Have never seen so many planes all lined up. Spent 3 hrs at Qatar airport waiting for our connect flight to Athens . Have arrived safe n sound at our digs in Athens – The Royal Olymic. Had a light tea of … Yep u guessed it .. Souvlaki, washed down by a beer for Spann and a GnT for Joey… All this whilst we sat looking at the Pathenon & Olympia.. Tough gig! Whilst we were sitting there, we heard cannon fire. We r told that was the military having fun on the national  Independance day holiday!

Had no issues with either Qantas or customs with the one way ticket …. Rather each person we spoke to was astounded, then pleased for us. Coming into Athens, they simply stamped the passports, not even a bag check. Clearly we look very trustworthy & responsible folk!  Tired now, will upload some pics tomorrow